With artisanal techniques which have been passed on from generation to generation, La Dumaux has been perfecting its fashion accessories through a tailored service to its customers, developing exclusive models in accordance with their style.

In addition to models suggested by our collections, we also fulfill orders for individual petals, simple flowers, bouquets and models made to order.

Our flowers have an authentic and live touch, with the colors and color shadings of your choice.

With a focus on sustainability, they are made with 100% natural fabrics and in accordance with what our customers may choose, they can be dyed by hand. Whether as brooches, clamps, necklaces or other, you can have your collections and accessories customized with beautiful flowers and petals.

Besides serving dressmakers and retailers, our products are also aimed at brides, bridesmaids and invitees who wanted to be faultless on that so special day.